We identify & nurture where the brain has difficulty communicating.
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Brain Treatment Center – Columbus MERT TREATMENT is a neurological clinic focusing on evaluating and treating mental conditions that affect the functioning of an individual. Our goal is to analyze brain waves to locate the root of neurologic disorders and provide proper treatment by physical means. Every treatment is designed with your brain function improvement in mind. Our autism treatment in Columbus utilizes only the best possible technology to improve your brain health and overall quality of life.

Our technology is a platform to restore the mind.

By measuring and analyzing your brainwave activity, we can identify disruptions to your brain network and build treatment parameters specifically tailored to your needs. In most cases, we can visibly reshape brainwave activity, regardless of what may have disrupted it, to begin with. The MRT platform is a patent-protected process that is currently undergoing rigorous research by the Department of Defense and several private institutions.

How It Started

Hello, my name is Leo Krupp. My family and I had tremendous success with my son Gregory, who is diagnosed with ASD. He received 6 weeks of MeRT treatment, which was life changing for him. During the treatment he became potty trained and learned how to swim, his eye contact and speech improved significantly. Gregory is getting his second treatment and progressing still. These tremendous accomplishments made me decide to open a Brain Treatment Center to help my family and other families who have kids diagnosed with Autism. I have decided to open a Brain Treatment Center – Columbus to help my family and other families who have kids on the spectrum.

Our Medical Director Dr. Tarun Mehra, MD

Dr. Tarun Mehra

Dr. Mehra is an Internal Medicine Specialist from Baltimore, Ohio, with over 34 years of general practice experience in the medical field. He graduated from medical school in 1988.

Dr. Mehra is affiliated with medical facilities such as Diley Ridge Medical Center and Fairfield Medical Center.

He teaches Internal Medicine residents at Fairfield Medical Center and has been involved with the Brain Treatment Center in Columbus since its inception.

Board Certifications

American Board of Internal Medicine


The Air Force School, Undergraduate Medical College, Medical School Saint Agnes Healthcare, Internship Saint Agnes Healthcare, Residency

Meet Our Amazing Team at Brain Treatment Columbus

We’re a dedicated, caring team who believes we can help so many people with this incredible MeRT technology — including YOU.


Leo Krupp Director of the Brain Treatment Center Columbus

Leo has worked in the medical field for over 18 years. During this time, he ran two pharmacies and worked as an administrator for Columbia Home Health. He started helping people with disabilities and he saw first-hand what they were going through and the challenges that the parents faced. He became passionate about doing his part to further help the community.

Because of this, Leo opened a Brain Treatment Center here in Columbus to further help families who have kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities.


Linna Morgan Nurse Practitioner

Linna is a Family Nurse Practitioner. She graduated in 2010 with a BSN from Chamberlain College of Nursing and got her MSN in 2015 from Maryville University.

She has a nine-year-old son on the spectrum; he is why Linna began to learn and practice MeRT.

In 2020, she took her son to a Brain Treatment Center in Florida for eight weeks of treatment. She found that the therapy helped calm her son and helped him use his words functionally.

Linna saw that MeRT therapy helped more than all the other alternative therapies she had tried. And, as all parents know, with children on the spectrum, we try everything we can to help them.

Her son’s progress fueled Linna’s passion for MeRT. And her clinical and personal experience helps her patients feel secure in this therapy.

As Linna says, “I am not only your patient’s clinician, but I am their advocate. I want to see my patients get better, and I want to help their parents feel the way I feel about MeRT. Seeing is believing, and I believe in MeRT.”

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